Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?

There are a number of different professions within the wedding industry that refer to themselves as wedding planners; Hotel Wedding Coordinators, Venue Stylists, even some Travel Agents get referred to as Wedding Planners. They may offer a wedding planner service or help you in other areas of your wedding, however many of them are incredibly busy and can have three weddings every weekend. This means that they are far too busy to be concentrating on each wedding and planning it from start to finish.   So who really is a wedding planner and how can they help you plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed about? A wedding planner is some one who is dedicated to your wedding from start to finish. They are with you every step of the way, from finding you dream venue, to helping you into your beautiful gown. They will take care of every element of your day no matter how big or small. Some Wedding Planners even offer elected services which focus on certain aspects of your day i.e. a One month services where they take over all our supplier liaisons on the run up to your wedding and are present on the day. At Anna Elizabeth we pride ourselves with being present at every step of the journey. From day one we attend every meeting with our couples to make sure every tiny detail is covered and to get to know our couples that little bit more.   Picture this, you’ve just got engaged to the love of your life, you are on cloud 9 and you’ve been planning your dream wedding *secretly in your head* since you were young and someone suggests hiring a wedding planner. You immediately think to yourself ‘But I want to plan my own wedding, why do I need a wedding planner?’ Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean you aren’t planning your own wedding. They don’t tell you whats happening on your special day, YOU tell them. They simply pull it all together for you. The Benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner Save Time  You want everything at your wedding to be perfect so you may spend hours trolling through social media and google to find the perfect suppliers. You may then find that they aren’t available on your day and you have to start again - a very time consuming and frustrating experience. Hiring a wedding planner saves you from this pain. They will do all the research for you, contact the suppliers to make sure they are available on your date before presenting them to you. You still have the fun of choosing who you work with but you’ve saved a lot of time and heartache.   Save Money Weddings are expensive, there's no way of sugar coating it! Many wedding planners have good relationships with suppliers in their area and by going through them you can get yourself a significant discount.   No Stress Planning a wedding and working full time can be hard. Having a job that frequently has you working long hours can leave you very little time to plan your dream day and this can become very stressful. A wedding planner can help relieve you from that stress. By doing all the research for you and liaising with suppliers it will drastically cut your stress levels. Any thing you want for your day, just ask your planner and they will be more than happy to do it for you (providing its in the budget!).   Best Venues and Suppliers Wedding planners usually know everyone in their industry, if they’ve not directly worked with them they know about their services. This can result in you having the best of the best at your wedding. A wedding planner will be able to tell you which suppliers will fit with your theme and be able to create the vision you’ve always dreamed about.   Knowledge and that little added Extras There’s always that little something you forget about or that added extra that can make your wedding stand out from the rest and leave your friends talking about it for weeks to come. Whether its forgetting to check that your blank canvas venue has toilet facilities and heating to having that surprise performance that leave your guests speechless. A wedding planner has done and seen it all and can help you make it a day you’ll never forget.