Whisky Cocktails That Bring The Sunshine Back

In perfect timing with the sun coming out, Tulllibardine has released a series of new cocktails inspired by the spring season developed in partnership with innovative Scottish bartender, Joe Cobbe.
The latest recipes capture the essence of the seasons perfectly with the freshness of mint and lemon in the Honeysuckle, or try a contemporary twist marrying whisky with tonic water and honey in the Sovereign Summer, or something a bit more adventurous in the Highland Citrus boasting flavours of grapefruit and pink pepper with the classic Tullibardine Sovereign.


  • 50ml Tullibardine Sovereign
  • 4 mint leaves
  • 15ml of honey
  • 10ml lemon juice

Glass: Rocks

Method:  Stir all ingredients together, strain and serve over ice.

Garnish: Mint sprig

Sovereign Summer

  • 50ml Tullibardine Sovereign
  • 4 cloves
  • 5ml honey
  • 5ml lemon juice
  • Top with tonic

Glass: High ball

Method:  Built into a high ball glass

Garnish: Lemon twist

Highland Citrus

  • 60ml Tullibardine Sovereign
  • 2 dashes of pepper bitters
  • 15ml acidified grapefruit
  • 15ml grilled citrus
  • 10ml gomme syrup
  • 10ml lemon juice

Glass: Cocktail

Method:  Stirred in a mixing glass, then poured into glass over ice

Garnish: Mint sprig and lemon twist