These Ultimate Ladybosses Are Nailing It

Please excuse the pun but these ladies are LITERALLY nailing it in the Edinburgh Nail scene. As a team of three, we're all very different in our nail choices- Toni is a minimal glam kind of lady so usually goes for a bit of glitter, a matte nail or something shiny. If she does go out on a limb with some nail art, it will always look classy and understated. Lyndsey likes to keep her nails clean and classic. She favours gorgeous deeps shades or that perfect nude so longevity and a perfect shape are vital. Zoë is totally helpless when she's in that nail chair. She can't help but get all excited and go for the most glittery glitter or some wild nail art. Honestly, her nails have never seen a dull day, but when your natural nails are as strong as hers, they are definitely worth celebrating. Below is our number one favourite nail salons and artists in Edinburgh that we ensure will meet all your nail dreams and needs. Not an electric nail buffer in sight! The Nail Gal Let's start with The Nail Gal. Zara (based in Eve Learmonth's salon at Meadowbank) is a genius when it comes to the most creative nails in Edinburgh. While she is painting 10 little masterpieces on your nails, you feel like you're sitting down and having a good old chat with your best friend. Her nail designs are stunning and completely unique. Seeing all of the polish lined up when you walk in is overwhelming, there is almost too much choice to handle. The Nail Gal has every colour/shape/size of glitter and every shade of every colour. Zara is a true nail Queen. Enjoy scrolling through her endless feed of nail dreams coming true. Zara also has very reasonable prices including a student discount and free nail art for students too!  Best for: Good chat, reasonable pricing, everything glam  
  Buff Concept Store The lovely team at Buff are based in the most beautiful and original nail salon that we know of at The Arches on Market Street. The decor alone boasts such a chic and professional look, and that's before you even get to the nails. They are ahead of the game with their original and intricate designs from metallics and marbling to actual real-life flowers. The attention to detail they pay to your nails is second to none, there is no chance of leaving without a full set of perfectly shaped, beautifully manicured nails.  You can have a look at their wild and exotic nail creations on their Instagram page- we can guarantee there is something for everyone on there. Professional is definitely the word here. A simple shellac manicure starts from £30 with an additional charge for custom nail art. Best for: Professional service
    Chez Paints Nails at Paint Although she is currently on maternity leave, Cheryl has been one of our go-to nail ladies for a few years now. She opened a beautiful nail bar on Henderson Row in Stockbridge last year and it is the perfect place to show off her gorgeous hand-painted designs. She is always willing to give our nail art requests a try and never fails to pull them off. The nails she paints are works of art in their own right. We can't wait till she's back behind her brushes but until then, the lovely Mairi is resident at Paint, ready to fulfil our ultimate nail goals. Best for: Nail trends and designs. I think sometimes we forget how much of an artistic skill nail artistry is - and nothing reminds us of this more than the absolute masterpieces Jade at Beaux Nails creates on her client's nails. She perfects everything from delicately detailed marble to intricate abstract designs and her ability to paint animals or fine art onto nails is just mesmerising. Although Jade is new to the Edinburgh nail scene she is a creative and an artist first and foremost. If you want your nails to look elegant but unique look no further. Jade is also mobile so it's super convenient if you want to get your nails done from the comfort of your home for a girls night in or prepping for a night out/special occasion. Best for - Artistry and unique designs.   
If you love to treat yourself to a fresh coat on your claws now and again (or if your like Zoë, every 2-3 weeks) then these are the places to go. For more from the girls at The Quiet Resolution:  @thequietresolution