Coming in HOT – Trends to look out for in 2018

HEY, I'm Caoilfhionn, the gal behind WearWhatWorks, primarily a workwear fashion blog. Since I began a full time, real life job, I took a keen interest in what I wore to work everyday and began to document it (check out my Instagram @wearwhatworks). Since then, it has transpired into a fashion blog, involving all elements of the fashion world, and life, as I see it! Below I've outlined a few of the hottest trends for 2018, and as always, the importance of dressing for you! Now, I would be the first to preach it - don't fall for the 'latest trends', be yourself, dress to make you feel confident, wear clothes that shout about your personality! But, I must admit, I do keep up with the latest crazes by making them work for me; there is a massive difference! 8 years ago I would have felt I was really treating myself if I purchased the complete outfit I saw on a mannequin in Topshop but today, I wouldn't dream of it. For a start, I'm no size 4 and those outfits come from a head office, it's not one outfit fits all when it comes to visual displays! Talk of SS18 has been alive for quite some time now, during my lunch hour you can catch me flicking through Look magazine or scrolling through clothing websites adding all sorts of wonderful items to my basket that in reality will never see my credit card number, never mind a hanger in my wardrobe! This gets you thinking though, you have a look at the latest trends and it reminds you of that outfit you wore a couple of years ago, remember the one you loved and got lots of compliments on? Yeah, that one. You then have a clear mind the next time you look in your b o r i n g wardrobe and get a sense of brand new opportunity. 'Hmmm, those jeans actually might go with that top' and hey presto, a new outfit is born, alive and well! Spring brings with it new starts in all regards, new baby lambs, a new outlook on life now that winter has (finally) passed and most importantly, new fashion trends! Have a look below and see what's on the radar, get some inspiration and go for it and get yourself some new threads! CHECKMATE Time to get your rental card out, The 90's called - they said the checks are on loan! Whether its a cute checked skirt, or a bold power suit, it's got Clueless written all over it and that is something I can definitely buy (excuse the pun) into! Checks can also be girly and cute; be the Queen of Hearts in this dainty dress below. Get involved!   COLOURFULLY CASUAL Everyone, and I mean everyone, has those days when they just c a n n o t be bothered. I just made that statistic up, plucked it out of thin air but I'm 100% sure it's probably true... Feast your eyes on the beauties below. Its about time casual became fashionable. Picture the scene, its a wet Tuesday morning (welcome to Edinburgh), you roll out of bed and want something warm and comfortable but still presentable. HELLO, welcome a bright or stripey jumper teamed with fabulously casual trousers, what combo is more dreamy? Challenge me, I dare you!   A saturday morning coffee date with your BFF? This green Mango dress below is all sorts of perfect, match with trainers for immediate wearing power or hang on a few months and get your sandals out! Either way, this is a trend I am very happy about!     STRIPES V'S SPOTS Pick your side! I have to admit it, I am a polka dot queen. I can think off the top of my head of 7 individual pieces I have bought recently with polka dots on... I mean maybe it's bordering on obsession? Or maybe not? Lets not get into it.   HOWEVER, as of recent, I am loving the stripes. I don't know if its because its the polar opposite of my beloved spots or if its the fact that it is just so striking! I am all over the navy and white stripes below. Match with espadrilles in the spring to create a cute daytime look or pair with a heel to make it office worthy!     BEST FOOT FORWARD  Lets talk about the shoe of the moment, the MULE! They seem to be everywhere, gracing the catwalks at all the biggest Fashion Weeks (that one day I dream of attending...). The mule will take you from your desk, to dinner to sandy beaches - whats not to love. P.S. the brighter the better, for me anyway!     For now, you will catch me swooning over such trends and trying to save the life of my bank balance. My head is already in over drive for work wear outfits I can create and how I can revamp old pieces. Waste not, want not, right?   See you in the queue at Zara… until then, WearWhatWorks!