A Scottish Adventure with a BMW X5

Sometimes I can feel a little ‘trapped in Aberdeen. The good thing is that there is plenty to do in the countryside and having a job that allows me to take the weekends off, I like to travel every other weekend and go somewhere else just for a change of scenery. Last weekend we found ourselves road tripping around Scotland with a BMW X5 beast of a car courtesy of the John Clark Motor Group in Aberdeen. We visited the John Clark BMW department on Saturday morning, got the car keys and headed down the streets making our way to Fife! The John Clark Motor Group, in case like myself you are not familiar with the car selling industry of Aberdeen, seels all things BMW from used to new cars of the entire BMW series. The car we got was a black, BMW X5, or else known as ‘a master of all driving conditions‘ built with strong engines to navigate you from tough mountain conditions to easy cruises through town in comfort and style!   We put it to the test and explored all of its limits…   ○ Heated seats   ○ Personal drivers profile for the perfect driving position   ○ Smart, stylish cabin   ○ Fuel economy despite its size   ○ Four driving modes -Sport Plus, Sport, Eco Pro, Comfort   ○ Panoramic sunroof   ○ Head-up display   All check!   So, WHO WANTS A RIDE?

I set the destination on the navigation system, connected my phone to the sound system and let the music play while watching the beautiful Scottish landscape going by on one of the easiest and smoothest drives I ever had.


There’s so much that fascinates me about a road trip.


The feel of the road, the change of drivers modes – {You wanna go faster? Alter from the Comfort to the Sport Pro. You wanna save some fuel? Switch to the Eco Pro. }


Are you cold? Turn on the heated seats. Are you lost? Let the navigator system guide you. Road trips to me are like visits to the Fun Park! You get all the thrill and joy of driving the car without the expense, queues and waiting time. And this ride felt like one-in-a-lifetime ride and you bet I am counting the days I am going to get my own BMW now!

[caption id="attachment_221" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Exactly two hours after we left Aberdeen (and with a wee stop at the M&S for some refreshments in between) we reached the Balmeadowside Country Lodges just 4 miles outside Cupar. We parked the beautiful BMW X5 car outside the wooden lodge and let Cruz lead the way around the grounds. These are self catering lodges with private hot tubs that can accommodate up to 4 people each. They are south-facing the farms and fields of Cupar and are dog friendly which makes it the ideal place to visit for a quick weekend getaway from Aberdeen.[/caption] We left our bags inside the lodge and checked if the hot tub was working – priorities first – before getting back in the car to drive to the Maspie Den path, a 19th century pathway romantically set in the woods of the Falkland Estate built by the Stuart kings. Once we arrived we got Cruz on the lead, if you are a Jack Russell I bet you know what  I mean, and took the pathway to east Lomond. A few wooden steps later and we came upon a large waterfall and a stone-built tunnel that twists and turns to the other side of the walk. We crossed more bridges than I can remember until we reached the old estate buildings and decided it was about time to have some tea at the famous Pillars of Hercules organic farm which is located just a few miles down the road. I was tired and a bit cold so the soya cappuccino and spicy chocolate orange cake was a great treat. Totally worth the drive from Aberdeen! We left the farm on a complete sugar high and went straight into hot tub mode. Despite on and off rain, it was an amazing day to drive around and sit outside enjoying every bit of the Scottish countryside as far as the eye goes. If there’s one thing I know very well about myself, it’s that I’m not much of a spontaneous person. As in, I’m not at all. I like keeping lists and making plans so when I was being told that a private hot tub will be available in the lodge I got my bikini in the bag and a bottle of Rose to celebrate the weekend because let’s face it, a hot tub bonus doesn’t happen everyday, at least not in my life! I poured a glass and let the fresh air take all my worries away while the hot, bubbly water was relaxing my body muscles. Sip by sip I was taking in the views of the breath-taking Scottish countryside laying there in front of my eyes until the sky turned dark and the water illuminated from the moon light. And so the Scottish adventure weekend with a BMW X5 came to an end and left me wondering about the benefits of driving a car of such range. A stylish yet reliable and tough as nails that can take you anywhere and everywhere. Is the lottery money coming anytime soon please? ‘Cause I could definitely use some money to make my teenager girl dream come true!   Anastasia www.natbees.com  *This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are mine. Thank you to The John Clark Motor Group for letting us drive and test the BMW X5 around Scotland to deliver this post. If you would like to get the same experience (minus the hot tub) you can book your test drive by contacting them here and arrange for a test drive today. Best thing? You can take a car overnight and drive it on your own pace under your own terms without any of the The John Clark Motor Group present! Fancy that, hey!